Pacific Northwest Dog Directory

Connecting Pacific Northwesters with their Adventure-Ready Canine

At the PNW Dog Directory, we seek to unite owners with the canine they’re searching for. Whether you’re a current dog owner in Washington State looking for a park to let your pooch run free, or you’re a prospective owner in Oregon looking to find the right puppy, PNW Dog Directory exists to help you make that connection. Dog breeders and owners in the Seattle area, Portland area, and the San Francisco area have one thing in common: a love for that perfect Pacific Northwest puppy.

Find your ideal adoptable canine companion with one of our many actively running breeders and shelters in the Pacific Northwest area. Searching for that loyal German Shepherd to accompany you on your hike up Mount Pilchuck? Need a chihuahua to be your Baker Beach beach-bum? On the lookout for your Border Collie companion for Bend? Here you’ll find it all. Get connected with a dog breeder or animal shelter that’s local to your Pacific Northwest area.

The “Pacific Northwest,” depending on who you ask, extends from the Canadian border with Washington State all the way to the northern reaches of California. While government officials may disagree about the absolute borders, the Pacific Northwest defines itself with stunning old growth forests, spectacular sandy shores, and a community of people with a passion for dogs.

From Seattle to Portland, from Portland to San Francisco, people love and appreciate what is truly man’s best friend- the dog. Meet and greet various dog breeders and dog shelters in your locales by using the Pacific Northwest Dog Directory. Have a question, comment, or correction? Please contact us. We’ll be pleased as punch to hear from you. In the meantime, explore our directory of Washington State dog breeders, shelters, and parks- Oregon dog breeders, shelters, and parks- and Northern California dog breeders, shelters, and parks. Your canine companion will thank you.